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Alexander Rose: Adversity Breeds Longevity

Episode Summary

Alexander Rose is the Executive Director at The Long Now Foundation.

Episode Notes

Alexander Rose is an industrial designer and has been working with The Long Now Foundation and computer scientist Danny Hillis since 01997 to build a monument scale, all mechanical 10,000 Year Clock. Alexander speaks about the work of The Long Now Foundation all over the world at venues ranging from the TED conference to corporations and government agencies.

For more information on Alexander Rose and The Long Now Foundation, visit

— Highlights —

(0:01:40) What will people say about who you were, and your legacy in 10,000 years?

(0:03:10) What are some of the stories that most intrigue you about ourselves, and our planet?

(0:05:20) Thinking about time in five digits (i.e. 02021).

(0:07:56) What is the concept behind the Layers of Time?

(0:12:05) How to find balance between long term and short term decisions.

(014:20) Adversity breeds longevity.

(0:19:17) How to build businesses for the long now.

(0:21:45) The traits of a long term, successful team.

(0:23:10) People who have made an impact on Alexander.

(0:26:06) Stewart Brand's impact in the world.

(0:29:00) The evolution of technology.

(0:32:31) How do crisis, such as the current pandemic, affect the long now

(0:35:45) Alexander's advice to younger generations.

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